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Complete Digital Data Destruction. Guaranteed.

Digital Data Risks

The need for digital data security affects all organizations. Technology allows us to collect, store and transfer vast amounts of confidential information. This data—customer and employee records, industry and market research, as well as financial information—is critical to protect because unsecured data can lead to identity, intellectual property and trade secret theft or result in regulatory noncompliance.

Unfortunately, this sensitive information becomes vulnerable when end-of-life electronics containing data are retired. Sims Recycling Solutions’ audited processes provide peace of mind, accountability and assurance that your company’s privacy and corporate reputation remain intact.

Safeguard Your Sensitive Digital Data

Sims uses a wide range of data erasing, sanitation and destruction services that meet the latest protection standards to eliminate the potential security risks associated with the data that resides on end-of-life electronics  These comprehensive data destruction services ensure your confidential information is never compromised.

We have extensive experience and unsurpassed capabilities in this area and have earned the trust of corporations, government agencies, military and law enforcement authorities and small businesses.  We can custom design a program that best meets your data security needs and reporting requirements.

Sims uses clearly defined processes to make certain all hard drives are completely overwritten, and that no hard drive is skipped during the process. Certificates of destruction can be provided, regardless of the service provided - data erasure, on-site destruction, witnessed destruction or plant recycling. 

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