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On-site Hard Drive Destruction

onsite hard drive destruction

Convenient and Compliant Digital Data Destruction

Some customers want validation that the data residing on their end-of-life electronics have been completely erased prior to leaving their facilities. In these cases, fully trained Sims Recycling Solutions technicians are available to provide hard drive destruction services at your office location.

This method of data destruction has proven popular with government agencies, banks and other financial institutions, health care facilities and other organizations whose relic data must remain private and secure and are subject to regulatory compliance.

Technicians will travel to your facility and, while in your presence, remove, degauss and destroy hard drives. Our hard drive crushing equipment applies enough force to break the platter, making it impossible to recover any data. After the degaussing and hard drive crushing services are complete, all materials are securely transported in locked containers to a Sims facility for shredding and recycling.


On-site Hard Drive Degaussing

Sims’  portable degausser destroys data on magnetic hard drives and data storage media. The degausser’s very powerful electromagnetic fields eradicate all data from magnetic data storage devices. This process renders the devices useless.

Degaussing equipment is independently tested on a regular basis to ensure proper operation at all times.

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On-site Data Destruction Services

Witnessed hard drive degaussing, coupled with hard drive destruction, provides validated assurance that sensitive data has been completely destroyed.  Portable machines, operated by trained technicians, are a great solution for clients when data security and compliance are critical corporate mandates.

Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided, as required.


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Lockbox for Secure Hard Drive Transport

When security and convenience are your highest priority, Sims’ on-site data destruction services provide the ideal solution for your company. Our fully trained technicians travel to your location, and using National Security Agency-approved machinery, degauss and physically destroy hard drives and other data storage media. Once this validated process is complete, you can be confident that sensitive data has been completely destroyed.

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