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Vetted Subcontractor Network

crt monitors

Sims Offers a Holistic and Integrated Asset Recovery Solution

Your reputation is dependent on the reputation and processes of all vendors who resell or recycle your assets. Processing of retired electronics is only as secure and compliant as the weakest link in the process. It is important for customers to have visibility into the entire processing stream.

Sims Recycling Solutions has the depth and breadth in supporting a holistic, integrated solution for asset disposition that few vendors can offer. As such, we are much less dependent on subcontractors to supplement our service offerings. We do depend on specialized processors to handle R2 focus materials such as batteries, mercury relays and bulbs, PCB capacitors, as well as complex recovery items, such as toner cartridges and leaded glass from CRT monitors and televisions. We also use subcontracted transport services to supplement our fleet of owned and operated trucks and processing subcontractors to provide geographic coverage globally in countries where we do not have processing facilities.

MIDAS (Materials of Interest Downstream Audit System)

We have developed a comprehensive and proprietary auditing system and software, MIDAS, which automates and standardizes the audit planning and scoring of subcontractors and downstream vendors, centralizes audit results, vendor documentation and facility information, making all these records readily accessible from any Sims location. The information auditors enter into MIDAS about vendor workplace conditions, pollution prevention efforts and material handling procedures can provide companies with the facts they need to fulfil corporate compliance mandates and environmental, social and governance reporting requirements. MIDAS ensures our audits are up-to-date, complete and consistent and offers a systematic scoring of performance.

MIDAS is designed to assure our customers that their materials are being recycled properly by answering three important questions: Where are my materials? Who is handling them? How are they being handled? This application elevates the transparency, visibility and accountability of our downstream subcontractors to a new level.

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