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IT Compliance

compliant electronic recycling

Complete Digital Data Security and Corporate Compliance


Sims Recycling Solutions takes corporate compliance seriously. We offer a complete and secure chain of custody to ensure your assets are fully protected from the time they leave your facility until all digital data has been totally destroyed. Our certified processes, secure facilities and security protocols protect your data, ensure full accountability, and provide accurate, timely and complete reporting, and may include certificates of data destruction.

Destruction of Digital Data and Corporate Compliance 

The need for complete data security affects all organizations. Threats include identity, intellectual property and trade secret theft; compromised customer and employee records; and breaches of critical financial information. Unfortunately, sensitive information is often left unsecure when end-of-life electronics containing data are retired and removed from a company’s premises. A single mishandled hard drive can expose your company to severe brand and reputational harm, litigation and financial penalties. 

Smarter office equipment, mobile devices, and solid-state hard drives mean greater security risks for organizations.  Sims uses a wide range of data erasure, sanitation and destruction methods as well as witnessed destruction, certificates of destruction, and full reporting  to comply with all your data security and destruction requirements. For those customers who request the resale of their computer equipment, Sims’ facilities are equipped with specialized and secure hard drive sanitation rooms.

Sims Offers Complete Digital Data Destruction and Responsible Recycling

  • On-site data destruction services, when required
  • Secure chain of custody
  • Complete audit trail
  • Serial number tracking
  • Detailed records of pickups, equipment, serial numbers
  • Complete shipping and receiving documentation
  • Certified facilities– compliant operations avoid security and environmental risks
  • Secure facilities – controlled access and 24/7 video surveillance
  • Employee accountability – background-checked staff
  • Full accountability and detailed reporting
  • Certificates of digital data destruction
  • Certificates of recycling 
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