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Integrated Circuit (IC) Board Recycling

circuit boards

Leading in Resource Recovery 

Sims Recycling Solutions' integrated circuit division is the global leader in moving integrated circuits into the secondary market and plays a key role in IT recycling.  With our vast network of domestic and international manufacturers, dealers and brokers, we sell between 500,000 and 1,000,000 integrated circuits, passive components and other devices to domestic and worldwide markets each month. Sims’ integrated circuit (IC) recovery division identifies, recovers, and remarkets selected ICs with reuse value, including:

  • Computer memory
  • Video and graphic cards
  • Circuit boards
  • Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory (DDR SDRAM)
  • DRAM
  • Flash memory
  • Central processing units (CPUs)

Value-Added Service

Recovered electronic components may be returned to customers for internal redeployment or sold to secondary markets where they are used in the manufacture of new products.


We are sensitive to the proprietary nature of the integrated circuits and components we handle and are a proud member of the Electronic Resellers Association International (ERAI).  ERAI is a global trade association that monitors, investigates, reports and mediates issues that are affecting the global supply chain of electronics.

Environmentally Responsible Processing

Our commitment to extracting the maximum value from discarded IT equipment is an important sustainable strategy that closes the loop on the IT equipment lifecycle and minimizes the environmental impact of these devices.

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