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Extended Producer Responsibility

How Electronics Are Processed By Sims



Planning and Implementing

Sims Recycling Solutions develops collection and public education and outreach plans that allow you to meet the different obligations and environmental compliance requirements mandated by each state electronics take-back law. Sims then submits these plans to state regulatory authorities –clarifying or modifying the plans as necessary–to obtain approval. Finally, Sims implements the approved plans and takes responsibility for meeting your obligations under each state law.

Education and Outreach

Sims will meet your state‐mandated requirements for public education and outreach by working with collection partners, nongovernmental organizations, and other partners to educate consumers about their important role in the recycling process, the availability and scope of the collection network, and special collection or educational events that may be taking place.

Customized Websites for Equipment Manufacturers

Sims can create manufacturer‐specific websites tailored to meet your needs. Targeted, opt‐in email newsletters for your customers are also available.


Take advantage of our existing network of Sims Recycling Solutions and Sims Metals Management sites, nonprofit organizations, and other partners to make sure an accessible, convenient and low-cost collection infrastructure is in place for consumers.

When required, we will seek out additional collection partners and adjust the collection network so that your obligations are fulfilled. Sims will also select collection sites, obtain permits (where required), and manage contracts or legal agreements. We are also capable of setting up and managing web-based mail-back programs as well as special take-back events that tie into specific corporate marketing campaigns or functions.


Sims operates multiple, wholly owned recycling facilities throughout the United States and Canada, providing you with access to our extensive and well-established logistics and transportation network. This allows us to offer cost-effective shipping of all collected equipment via local or third-party logistics partners from designated collection or consolidation points to our nearest site for processing.


We maintain high-capacity shredders and advanced separation equipment that renders electronic equipment into recyclable commodities while ensuring data security and brand protection. All our facilities operate in accordance with local, state and national regulations. We maintain the highest environmental management standards as well as a dedication to workplace safety, commitments that we also require from all our downstream vendors.

Recycling services include, but are not be limited to:

  • Inventory and receipt of products;
  • Input of data into online tracking system;
  • Removal and shipment of hazardous components (batteries, capacitors and toner) to approved downstream vendors;
  • De‐manufacture of products into base commodities (plastics, glass, metal and circuit boards);
  • Processing of individual commodity streams.
  • Disposition

Sims will track all client waste streams to ensure all materials are processed to final disposition either at Sims' facilities or by our approved downstream vendors to close the loop on the recycling process.


Sims will provide annual reports that describe the operation of the recycling plan and/or itemize the recycling volume received as required by state take-back laws. Custom reports are available upon request. All records will be kept for a minimum of three years.

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