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Extended Producer Responsibility

Partnering with Equipment Manufacturers

sustainability and compliance

Sims Recycling Solutions has a team of experts who work exclusively with equipment manufacturers to help them meet their extended producer responsibility obligations.  We offer ongoing updates and guidance on emerging state and national electronic waste legislation.

Legislative Compliance Services for Equipment Manufacturers

Several states have already enacted electronic waste legislation that requires equipment manufacturers to recycle used electronics. Extended producer responsibility laws continue to evolve as states propose new or revise existing legislation.

Benefits of Working with Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims eases the burden and reduces the cost of in-house manufacturer compliance and vendor management by providing you with a dedicated compliance team that manages recycling plan development, public education and outreach efforts, mail-back program design and implementation and access to an established collection and logistics infrastructure. This allows manufacturers to concentrate on their core business.


Sims can work with you to develop an electronics recycling program that meets your specific needs as an electronics manufacturer by balancing compliance, convenience and cost, while guaranteeing adherence to the highest standards in data security and destruction, environmental sustainability and reuse and recycling.


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