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e-waste collection event

Part of a Complete Solid Waste Program

Offering electronics recycling as part of your existing city or county solid waste program provides an important benefit to residents, businesses and the environment. But without the necessary resources, creating and managing an electronics collection and recycling program can be impossible for municipalities.

When you partner with Sims Recycling Solutions, your municipality gains access to our strategically located facilities, established collection networks and extensive experience to ensure the successful and responsible collection and recycling of e-waste. Sims uses several recycling processes and innovative separation technology to achieve the greatest percentage of clean, recyclable material from e-waste collected through municipal programs.

Sims Offers Complete Electronic Recycling Services for Municipalities, including:

  • Turn-key e-waste event management that includes consultation services, event planning support, logistics and promotion;
  • Environmentally responsible recycling programs;
  • Certified electronics and computer recycling facilities located in major population centers;
  • Permanent collection sites;
  • Certificates of Recycling for each batch or load;
  • Single point of contact to streamline communications, responsiveness and enhance accountability;
  • Extended partnerships with electronics manufacturers for complete product stewardship; and
  • Complete documentation and evidence to confirm collection activities and recycling processes (audited by external original equipment manufacturers).

Sims can work with you to develop an electronics recycling program that meets the specific needs of your community by balancing compliance, convenience and cost,  while guaranteeing adherence to the highest standards in data security and destruction, environmental sustainability and reuse and recycling.

Certified Facilities


All Sims facilities operate to best practices across several disciplines. We are recognized globally for our sustainability excellence and work closely with industry associations to ensure our operations adhere to recognized industry standards.

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Responsible Recycling

Responsible Electronic Recycling

All our recycling facilities operate in accordance with local, state and national regulations.  We maintain the highest environmental standards as well as a dedication to workplace safety.

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Audits and Reporting

compliance reporting

Depending on your needs, Sims will provide you with all the necessary reports relevant to the operation of the recycling plan and the volumes received. All records will be kept for a minimum of three years.

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