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Electronic Recycling for Municipalities

CRT Monitors 

The most successful municipal electronics recycling programs have broad consumer awareness, a convenient collection infrastructure, a vendor that provides responsible recycling, and the means to track the final disposition of recycled equipment.  Whether you are starting a new recycling program or seeking to improve an existing one, Sims Recycling Solutions can help you manage each of these important program elements.

Before the Event


  • Develop a site plan that includes traffic management recommendations
  • Provide guidelines for staffing
  • Establish event schedule and timeline
  • Create a promotional plan and timeline


  • Engage local media, if possible
  • Promote collection events, including the day, time and location of scheduled events
  • Generate awareness about the importance of effective signage
  • Develop consistent messaging across multiple media outlets

During the Event


  • Manage event site - Arrange for receptacles and logistics options
  • Handle site setup  and restoration support
  • Carry out a safety program to ensure the safety of workers and residents

After the Event

  • Recycling
  • Provide logistical support
  • Maintain certified facilities
  • Use audited and documented processes
  • Ensure data security of all computer equipment

Available reports

  • Batch/load report
  • Total weight collected
  • Volume diverted from landfill
  • Hazardous waste handling
  • Custom reports available upon request
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