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Electronic Recycling for Municipalities

municipality flow chart

Education and Outreach

partnershipoThe types of electronics accepted for recycling vary from region to region as most municipal electronics recycling programs are governed by requirements set at the state level.

Sims Recycling Solutions offers programs to educate consumers about the importance of electronics recycling.  Our educational programs typically emphasize “what,” “why” and “how.”

  • What can be recycled,  what cannot - Explaining what can be collected and what is banned makes it easy for residents to understand what devices can be recycled. This knowledge improves customer satisfaction and simplifies logistics.
  • Why electronics recycling is important - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that only 25 percent of discarded electronics are collected for recycling. However, regulations that ban sending electronics to landfills for disposal have increased  consumer awareness and recycling rates.
  • How local residents and communities can help - Grassroots efforts to raise awareness about the benefits and importance of recycling electronics encourage participation in collection events and foster a commitment to recycling. 

Collection and Transportation 

dbSims works with customers to develop customized collection and storage options to meet specific needs. Customers can also take advantage of our existing network of Sims Recycling Solutions and Sims Metals Management sites, nonprofit organizations, and other partners to make sure an accessible, convenient and low-cost collection infrastructure is in place for the community’s residents.

Sims has a wide variety of methods to facilitate the removal of collected electronics to be recycled, including our own fleet of trucks, bobtails with lift gates, trailers, roll-off containers and/or supplies. With multiple Sims-owned facilities operating across the U.S. and Canada, Sims offers a strong transport and consolidation infrastructure. This allows us to offer cost-effective shipping of all collected equipment via local or third-party logistics partners from designated collection or consolidation points to our nearest site for processing.


recyclingAll our recycling facilities operate in accordance with local, state and national regulations.  We maintain high-capacity shredders and advanced separation equipment that renders electronic equipment into recyclable materials while  preserving data security.  We maintain the highest environmental management standards as well as the highest commitment to workplace safety, commitments that we also require from all our downstream vendors. 

Recycling services include, but are not be limited to:

  • Inventory and receipt of products;
  • Input of data into an online tracking system;
  • Removal and shipment of hazardous components (batteries, capacitors and toner) to approved downstream vendors
  • De‐manufacture of products into base components (plastics, glass, metal and circuit boards);
  • Processing of individual component streams.

Sims will track all client waste streams to ensure all materials are processed to final disposition either at Sims' facilities or by our approved downstream vendors to close the loop on the recycling process.

Reporting and Record Keeping

documentDepending on your needs, Sims will provide you with all the necessary reports relevant to the operation of the recycling plan and the volumes received.

Available reports include:

  • Batch/load report
  • Total weight collected
  • Volume diverted from landfill
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