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Video - How Computers Are Recycled

Interested in learning how computers are recycled and used to make new products?  Our recycling centers are among the most advanced in the industry.  See how Sims breaks down electronic and computer equipment and separates materials into waste streams which can be recovered and used to make new products.

Recycling is one of the primary ways in which economies can reduce their energy output and carbon emissions. Recycling also preserves scarce natural resources, saves water, and reduces pollution and dependence on landfills.

View Entire Library of Electronics Reuse and Recycling Videos

 Introduction to Sims

electronic recycling video

This video provides an overview of Sims Recycling Solutions. (2:27)

 Electronics Recycling

 how electronics are recycled video

How electronics are recycled. (2:39)

IT Asset Disposition

 IT lifecycle services video

Computer reuse and recycling video, with complete digital data destruction. (2:22)


chain of custody for retired assets

Recovery and refinement of precious metals. (2:25)

 On-site Services

on-site data destruction video

On-site data destruction services offered at customer location for verified data destruction.(1:30)

 Recycling Innovation

electronic recycling innovation video

Sims continues to drive innovation in the electronics recycling industry. (2:05)

Why Recycle?

why is electronic recycling important

Video shows environmental benefits of recycling. (2:48)

 Data Destruction and Security

data security and destruction

Several industry stakeholders in U.K. discuss digital data security.(4:42)


precious metal plating

Recovery and refinement of precious metals. (2:25)

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