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On-site Hard Drive Destruction

data destruction guaranteed

At Your Location. At Your Convenience.

Many clients require all data to be destroyed prior to retired assets leaving their facility. Sims offers several on-site data destruction services for magnetic and solid state devices. Our on-site services have proven popular with government agencies, banks and other financial institutions, health care facilities and other organizations.

onsite data destruction

Hard Drive Shredding - Large Quantities

Sims offers on-site high volume hard drive destruction services. Trucks equipped with hard drive shredders provide this convenient service, which is popular with large clients and data centers. Hard drive serial numbers are scanned prior to shredding to facilitate final inventory reconciliation. Same day Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided.

Up to 2500 hard drives per day can be shredded.

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On-site Data Erasure - Allows for Maximum Value Return

Sims offers a range of data erasure services. Erasing instead of destroying the hard drive enables clients to redeploy hard drives internally or resell erased hard drives. A great solution for destroying data and ensuring value recovery.

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Lockable Bins for Hard Drive Storage

Sims offers lockable storage bins to secure accumulated hard drives until destruction services are provided. These tamper-proof bins hold hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, mobile phones & other data bearing storage devices.

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Small Volume Hard Drive Crushing and Degaussing

Fully trained Sims technicians equipped with portable degaussing and hard drive destruction equipment are available to provide services at our client's facility or office:

  • Degaussing - Destruction through significant magnetic charges immediately erasing data on the hard drive.  Used for magnetic devices only.
  • Physical Destruction - Crushing hard drives on-site, applying enough force to break the platters.
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Catalog and Destroy Backup Tapes

Sims can inventory and destroy backup tape libraries and jukeboxes. Tapes can be degaussed or shredded, depending on client requirements.

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Web Based Data Erasure for Remote Users

Hard drives are wiped within the original PC or laptop. A bootable USB drive is created that allows the remote user to physically wipe drives themselves. This USB drive will generate and save a detailed destruction report for each drive processed. This report will be used to generate a certificate of data destruction.

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Some specialty services described are only available regionally.

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