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Decommissioning Data Center Equipment

plus Digital Data Destruction Services

decommissioning services data center

Data Center Relocation, Expansion and Upgrade Projects

Data center relocation or expansion projects require detailed planning, quick turnaround times and coordinated parallel activities. Part of this project will include the systematic disposition of retired IT assets. Sims provides complete asset tracking and disposition services to support data center upgrades.

Our project management team manages the entire disposition project and ensures all assets are properly recorded and tracked and all digital data is destroyed. Our project team offers a defined process, project management services and full accountability, while ensuring business continuity, data security, and environmentally responsible reuse or recycling of retired equipment.

Services at Data Center

+1. Decommission Equipment

Project Management and IT Asset Disposition Services

Equipment is disconnected and de-installed and moved to the designated work area. Decommissioned equipment will typically include:

  • Remove outdated equipment - servers, SANs, network gear, firewalls, routers
  • Remove ancillary equipment – docking stations, UPS, keyboards, mice
  • Deinstall racks, rail kits, power cords, cabinets
  • Remove obsolete equipment and supplies - transformers, circuit breakers, test equipment, reels of cable, spare telco parts
  • Dismantle, de-install tape libraries, jukeboxes, robots
  • Cable mining requirements – identify unused legacy cables and potential negative impact on production environment.

+2. Asset List

Accurate Inventory of IT Assets

Our technical team conducts a physical inventory and verifies this against a master asset list prior to assets being shipped from the data center. This reconciliation service ensures accurate and complete IT asset manifests are created and verified before assets are transferred to Sims for final asset disposition. This validation enables our clients to fully account for disposition of all IT assets and data center equipment. Our activities will be scheduled and closely coordinated with on-site personnel to minimize disruption to other work being done. IT assets are tracked individually with serial number capture. Peripheral equipment will be boxes and tracked by type and weight.

+ 3. On-site Data Destruction

100% Digital Data Destruction Guaranteed

We recommend digital data be destroyed prior to removal from the data center to ensure all data is eradicated from dedicated storage devices and onboard hard drives in servers, printers and any data bearing asset.

Sims offers several on-site data destruction options and can guide clients as to what solution best meets their needs. We also offer hardened and lockable storage bins which can be shipped to the data center to store sensitive equipment until project completion or until collections are sufficient to arrange for on-site data destruction. After initial on-site data destruction, secondary destruction will be done at a Sims facility.

+4. Packing, Tracking and Validation

Removal and Disposition of Legacy Equipment

After asset list is validated, assets are packaged and shrink wrapped on pallets and prepared for shipment. Sims can also provide bins to collect computer accessories such as cabling, hardware accessories and non-tracked assets.

Secure Transport

+5. Complete Chain-of-Custody

Removal and Disposition of Legacy Equipment

Sims arranges shipment of assets from the data center to one of our processing facilities using Sims owned and operated trucks, enabling us to provide full accountability to customers. We ensure a secure chain of custody from the data center to our facilities and throughout final processing of assets.

Off-Site Services

+ 6. Asset Resale

ROI on Decommissioned Assets

Once received at our processing facilities, assets will be tracked and sorted. Depending on condition and age, assets will be redeployed, resold or recycled. We also provide parts harvesting services when needed. This behind the scenes processing is where Sims helps clients realize significant value recovery which can help offset the cost of decommissioning, data destruction and shipping costs.  

+7. Environmentally Responsible Recycling

Certified and Secure Processing

Our facilities are certified to ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, and R2 and standards, ensuring environmentally responsible and secure disposition and all EH&S standards are met. Sims strives to divert all retired and broken electronic equipment from landfill disposal.

EPA Certified Disposition of Hazardous Items

All hazards are responsibly disposed by licensed and audited subcontractors.

+8. Online Client Portal

Real Time Tracking and Reporting

Sims provides an on-line client portal to enable clients to track assets through the disposition process, and generate on-line asset disposition reporting. Certificates of Data Destruction, Certificates of Recycling and Certificates of Sustainability can be provided.

Some specialty services described are only available regionally.

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