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Here are some of the common questions we get asked about refurbishing and recycling mobile devices.

Why should I consider Sims?

Sims Recycling Solutions has a proven track record of reusing and recycling electronic devices that dates back to 2002.  We have developed a robust retail and wholesale network for remarketing used electronics and process all equipment in-house. We are able to deliver unmatched value to our clients for the broadest range of mobile assets, considering make, model, age and condition of the device. Our processes are certified and audited, and we offer convenience and full accountability to our clients.

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What does Sims consider to be a working phone?

Working means it

  • Turns on and off
  • Is fully functional (scratches and scrapes are ok)
  • Can make and receive calls
  • Has a working and undamaged LCD screen
  • Has its battery and battery cover (we don’t need the memory card or charger)
  • Is mostly intact, meaning it is not crushed, in multiple pieces or water damaged.

Not working means:

  • Won’t make or receive calls
  • The screen is cracked or damaged in any way
  • Doesn’t power up
  • Speaker or microphone does not work

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Are all mobile devices repaired?

We check each phone individually. We test and sort equipment received based on functionality, cosmetic wear and tear, and age. Once equipment has been tested, a refurbish or recycle decision is made.

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What types of repairs are typically made?

We have a resourceful team of technicians that can repurpose many phones that others would recycle.  We regularly tackle things like nonworking charger ports, damaged keypads, damaged cameras, microphones or earpieces; locked PINs; missing batteries; broken, cracked or snapped hinges; and even more serious faults like damaged LCD screens, refusal to power up and water damage.

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If it can't be repaired, what happens to the mobile device?

Some phones can’t be saved or it would cost more to repair than it would be worth. If a mobile device is shattered or badly crushed - even we can’t fix these.  However, we will recycle these phones, to avoid landfilling. 

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How is price determined for each mobile device?

Obviously, newer phones in better condition get top prices. A damaged older phone will have less value. Like many markets, final pricing for repaired mobile devices becomes a supply and demand consideration.

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How are repaired phones reintroduced to the marketplace?

Newer repaired phones are purchased online by consumers, by insurance companies or mobile networks.  While phones that are several years old have little value in the United States market, there is a strong demand for these phones in other countries. Because we can leverage our global network of resellers, we can many times find an economically viable market that few other vendors can access. Our partner network is fully vetted and assists us in making strategic market-based decisions. Few companies can offer the value chain, across as many devices and markets, as Sims is able to provide.

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How can I determine the make and model of the device?

If the model number isn’t written on the front of the phone, then take the battery cover off your mobile and under the battery you should see a label with a bar code with numbers on it.   There will be the manufacturer’s name and the phone’s model on the label.

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Why is recycling a mobile device important?

Growth in the use of mobile devices continues to explode. Recycling helps conserve natural resources, saves energy, keeps discarded material out of landfills, and lessen greenhouse emissions. Stewardship to conserve resources for future generations is important in how we use and dispose of products.

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What mobile devices are accepted by Sims?

Sims accepts all makes and models of mobile devices, regardless of condition or age. We accept cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, and tablets.  We will also accept accessories such as power cords and ear buds and responsibly recycle batteries.

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What about personal data on phones?

Sims securely erases all data from internal and external memory of smart phones, tablets and other devices. All user data including emails, contacts lists, text messages and recent call logs will be permanently deleted.

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How do I know equipment will be responsibly handled?

All established Sims Recycling Solutions facilities are fully audited and R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 compliant.  Sims Recycling Solutions does not export any hazardous materials to developing countries where it may be mishandled and improperly disposed.

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Some specialty services described are only available regionally.

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