Finding a Global Solution for Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

In the world of e-waste recycling and ITAD, a large part of the market is still run by small companies with local focus and varying standards and procedures. Large businesses and electronics manufacturers operating globally find it difficult to coordinate services and compliance through so many different vendors.

With processing facilities throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC, SRS is well-placed to directly support compliant disposition of retired IT assets and electronic equipment of multi-site national and global companies. Our global services teams coordinate cross-boundary activity to ensure standardized service delivery, while also ensuring all local regulatory and legal frameworks are followed. Clients benefit from the flexibility of using a global company with local facilities to ensure equipment is processed in the correct manner for different markets.

SRS offers a globally coordinated e-waste recycling and ITAD single solution with a high focus on data security, regulatory and corporate compliance, value recovery and sustainability.

Building a Successful Global IT Asset Disposition Program

Companies recognize the importance of protecting digital data and meeting regulatory requirements when retiring IT assets and obsolete electronics. This white paper offers a framework for structuring a global ITAD program built around four foundational areas:

  1. Regulatory Environment
  2. Corporate Compliance
  3. IT Operations
  4. Vendor Selection

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As an international company, with SRS you can have:

  • Complete integrated services
  • One global contract for e-waste recycling and ITAD
  • A secure program, avoiding a data breach or theft during the disposition and recycling process
  • Regionally coordinated customer service to meet both local and global requirements
  • Complete reporting about all your asset reuse and recycling efforts in all your territories
  • Control over your reverse supply chain.
  • Value recovery options through resell or redeployment of equipment
  • A comprehensive global network of certified and audited processing sites
  • Legal compliance to local and international regulations
  • A sustainable program consistent with the Circular Economy

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Gartner Market Guide for ITAD

Research Report, July 2018

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