Data Center – Retired IT Assets

Being responsible and sustainable with your data center equipment helps stem the growing tide of e-waste. View important statistics to consider when removing IT assets from the data center environment.


The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective as of May 2018, applies to all organizations – public and private, anywhere in the world – that handle, store or process the personal data of EU citizens. Learn more about the GDPR and how your ITAD partner can help you to prepare.

Avoiding Data Breaches

The effects of suffering a data breach can be staggering for an organization. Learn more about the consequences of a data breach and what you can do to help your organization avoid them.

Responsible Electronics Recycling

SRS can provide secure computer reuse, electronics recycling and disposal services for businesses that can cut costs, increase efficiency and ensure the regulatory obligations for data security are satisfied.

Hard Drive Data Destruction 101

This infographic shows how data on hard drives is destroyed when preparing for disposal or reuse. Magnetic and solid state hard drives are shown.

Data Centers: Lifecycle of a Server

Consolidated data processing, cloud computing, and data center expansions have resulted in an explosion of back-end infrastructure supporting our daily IT requirements. It is estimated that 5.75 million servers will be purchased and activated yearly for the next several years.