Chief Development Officer of Sims Metal Management Offers Insight on Future of E-waste

Steve Skurnac shares who he thinks benefits the most from increasing volumes of e-waste

Mar 29, 2018

electronics recycling processLONG MARSTON, United Kingdom – Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS), a leading provider of global IT asset disposition (ITAD) services was proud to have Steve Skurnac, chief development officer of Sims Metal Management, of which SRS is a part, as a representative at the 17th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2018. This event, held Jan. 17-19 in Salzburg, Austria, brought more than 500 recycling professionals together to discuss new technologies, regulations, manufacturing processes and raw materials values.

Skurnac participated in a roundtable discussion regarding who will benefit from increasing e-waste volumes. Joining him on the panel was Stephan Schwarz of Alba International Recycling, Professor Jinhui Li of Tsinghua University, China, and Stuart Fleming of EnviroServe. The discussion was moderated by Norbert Zonneveld of the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA), Netherlands.

The discussion covered the need for innovative recycling technologies, strategies for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and producers, and the opportunities and risks tied to increasing volumes of electronic waste. Skurnac’s description of the businesses that will benefit the most from increasing e-waste volumes was, “companies that partner effectively with the entire circular supply chain to optimize collections, efficiently process material and find sustainable homes for the recovered commodities.”

At the 2016 IERC, Skurnac received the “IERC Honorary Award” in recognition of his work in promoting the electronics recycling industry. The decision, made by the International Steering Committee, was in honor of his 25 years of tireless work on international markets.

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