Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) Introduces New E-Waste Separation Technologies in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

June 12, 2018

recycling conveyor beltEindhoven, Netherlands – Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS), a leading global provider of electronics recycling and IT asset disposition (ITAD) services, expanded their processing lines at the Eindhoven, Netherlands e-waste facility. This site, known to be the largest e-waste (WEEE) recycling operation in this region, added enhancements that include metals and plastics separation technologies.

“The expansion of the capabilities at the SRS Eindhoven site started in the beginning of 2017 with the development of space for the newly-to-be-realized building. This new building makes it easier to fulfil local environmental regulations, as we are now able to decrease the noise and dust considerably from the storage and processing of e-waste, which is now done under the roof,” stated Jan Visser, managing director of SRS, Eindhoven.

When recycling e-waste it is important to separate shredded materials into streams that are as clean as possible. These material fractions may include, but are not limited to iron, aluminum, copper, plastics and printed circuit boards. The newest innovation involves two new sorter lines which use metal sensors, color recognition and photo-technology to separate plastic, circuit boards and metals.

“Constant improvement in processing technologies is a high priority for SRS, as this enables us to securely deliver recycled and separated materials all over the world,” stated Marc Affüpper, director of SRS, EMEA. “By innovating our processing lines we are able to manage even the newest and complicated electronic gadgets.”

The new plastics sorting lines provide a plastic fraction which is another important addition to the SRS Eindhoven site. This process delivers a clean plastic fraction which can be delivered directly to the plastics recycler or compounder industry globally.

The new plastic sorting line helps original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to be more sustainable by supplying (circular-produced) recycled raw materials for their new products. As requested by our OEM-partners, there is an option to process a dedicated batch of products as one single stream. This makes it possible to separate the plastics from a batch into a very clean stream of recycled plastics which can be returned to our OEM partners, creating a perfect triangle of circular material deliveries.

All these new developments contribute to a higher quality of recycled materials, provides the OEM electronics industry with new options toward sustainable product development, and contributes towards a more sustainable society.

About Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) serves local, national and global clients across a range of industries, to securely and responsibly recycle and manage the disposition of IT equipment and electronic products. The IT asset disposition (ITAD) and electronics recycling services offered at SRS ensure clients of data security, brand protection and maximum IT value recovery, while optimizing material reuse and supporting the circular economy. SRS’ network of wholly-owned facilities paired with select subcontractors creates a systematic approach with the global reach, expertise and infrastructure necessary to provide a complete solution for e-waste disposition, anywhere in the world. As a part of Sims Metal Management Limited, the world’s leading publicly listed metals and electronics recycler we have a goal to be “the world’s best, safest and most responsible recycling company”. For more information please visit,