Advanced Material Recovery

Contributing to the Circular Economy

Increasing the Recovery of Valuable Materials

Some electronic products and shredded fractions need a special approach when these are recycled or upgraded into raw materials fractions. Sims Lifecycle Services develops special processing methods to gain maximum resource recovery rates out of 2nd grade processed fraction materials and also handles the safe separation of harmful materials.

We have recycling processing capabilities which can recover metals from incinerated municipal waste, which can further upgrade plastics fractions. These processes also allow us to remove mercury from LCD displays mechanically during the resource recovery process.



LCD – Flat panel recycling

Older LCD flat panel displays contain mercury, a hazardous material that needs special handling when LCD displays are recycled. Our LCD-recycling line contains a large oven which makes sure all mercury is safely separated from other materials. The mercury can then be disposed in an environmentally compliant manner. The rest of the product can be safely recycled following our normal recycling process.

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CRT monitor recycling

Until the early 2000s, most TVs and monitors were made using cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. Each CRT device contained between 15 and 90 pounds of leaded glass. When cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and TVs were still being manufactured, leaded glass from old monitors was used to make new CRT monitors. This closed loop process was environmentally sustainable. As businesses and consumers swapped their bulky, heavy CRT monitors and TVs for flat panel displays, demand for CRT monitors disappeared. The leaded glass from the CRT devices, with no viable reuse potential, became a waste disposal challenge as the leaded glass represents a potential health and safety hazard and requires special processing to safely dispose as a waste. SLS has developed a special mechanical recycling process to safely recycle CRT devices including the leaded glass.

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Advanced Recycling for Other Recyclers

We provide advanced recycling technologies for car shredders, fridge recyclers, WEEE recyclers and other waste processors. Our processing can improve the recovery of purer metal and plastic commodities from shredder fractions and mixed waste streams.

Mixed Metals Refining

A mixture of metals, plastics, rubbers, ceramics, glass and other materials, is a complex and difficult to recycle waste stream. Our recycling process focuses on the separation of shredder fractions which are generated by car shredders, fridge recycling lines and other recycling lines. These fractions contain non-ferrous materials combined with organic and mineral waste materials. Our process is designed to separate and recover multiple pure non-ferrous fractions which can be used as raw-materials for next-generation products.

Residue Fine Metal Refining

Recycling processes for WEEE, e-waste and other consumer goods, produce a residue. This residue can contain small amounts of metal which can be separated through the SLS advanced recycling process.

Mixed Plastics Refining

SLS offers a process designed to upgrade plastic fractions to purer materials These different sort of plastics will then go to multiple plastic processers. Use of recycled raw materials instead of virgin materials significantly improves environmental outcomes.

Case Study - Making Recycling Sustainable and Profitable

Our work with an electronic OEM to develop a true closed loop solution for printer plastic is delivering tangible financial and sustainability results.

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*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.