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Improve Brand Protection

Over the past several years, your innovation rate has increased as an electronics OEM. Technological advances have driven most of your brand’s innovations which has had a positive influence on your brand value. However, another effect is that your obsolete stocks have grown in addition to your number of prototypes. How have these obsolete or end of life electronics been destroyed? Have you considered e-recycling? What about your regular warranty returns and your recalled products?

In 2016, more than three-quarters of the total 44.7 million metric tonnes of global electronic waste was not documented as being collected and recycled. This might create potential risks regarding brand reputation damage and legal non-compliance. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of who your recycler will be and how you responsibly recycle your electronic products as an OEM.

Brand Reputation Risks

If you have no clear and secure E-recycling process in place for returned or end-of-life products, serious damage can be inflicted on your brand. The returned electronics could end up on the “grey” market or be illegally dumped, creating a potential environmental hazard. Corporate and legal compliance reporting on responsible recycling depends on having a clear view of your reverse supply chain. Consumers, employees and stakeholders are increasingly choosing brands which have a thoroughly structured sustainability strategy.

Professional electronic recycling (e-recycling) allows you to safely reuse or destruct your obsolete electronics, and recover raw material. This protects your brand, enables you to engage with external CO2 reporting and ensures you comply with different local waste regulations.

Complete E-Recycling Solution

In preventing all of the risks associated with brand damage internationally, make sure to choose a global secured e-recycle solution. A solution of this kind assumes responsibility for your brands’ obsolete electronics on a global scale. This allows you to manage your reverse supply chain. Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS) offers this global solution with a high focus on security and sustainability. This means we offer a complete service ranging from logistics to reuse of components or parts (optional) and resource recovery by destruction, including complete reporting.

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Our Global E-Recycling Solution Boasts Multiple Benefits:

  • One global contract for electronic recycling
  • One single point of contact
  • Multiple users submitting recycling requests 24/7 all over the world via our Recycling Web-Portal
  • Comprehensive reports regarding your e-recycling efforts in all of your territories
  • A well-rounded and vetted global network of certified and audited recycling sites
  • Legal compliance to local and international regulations
  • Complete peace of mind regarding the responsible recycling of your obsolete electronic products, whether it is the destruction and material recovery or the reuse and lifecycle prolongment of used products, parts or components (optional)

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Inspection, Processing and Reporting

Upon receipt, the SLS e-recycling process begins with an inspection. The purpose of this inspection is to discern whether materials can be re-used or need destruction based on your requirements. The e-recycling process can be documented by capturing the serial numbers of whole products and critical parts. After documentation the materials are then processed safely including data destruction when products are reused, and material recovery in case of product destruction. Sims Lifecycle Services prioritizes your brand’s safety, eliminating chances of data-breach and theft. After these materials are processed we can offer tailored reporting. This is a common request from high value electronic producers.

The handling and recycling of your obsolete electronic equipment is achieved via fully owned SLS – sites or in collaboration with certified subcontracted processing facilities, allowing structured in-country e-waste destruction. For you (the electronics producer), SLS is your single point of contact.

Certificate of Destruction

SLS follows a certified and documented recycling process. For your corporate compliance standards, we offer a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) on request.

E-Recycling Experience

Our e-recycling service includes the recycling of any electronics of varying proportions and materials, including glass, metals and plastics. Recycling of electronics for OEMs includes laptop recycling, mobile phone recycling, network- or telecom equipment recycling and much more. In addition, we also offer a parts recycling service, for secured handling of obsolete items such as motherboards, hard drives, memories, CPU’s and monitors.

OEM Plastics Recycling

With our proprietary plastics processing line, we have significantly improved conventional recycling to truly close the loop for plastics recycling. Effectively separating different plastic types allows electronic manufacturers to reuse recycled plastic in producing new products. Separated plastic from our recycling line is then used by compounders to produce plastic granulates that are used to make new electronics and increase the participation of large electronic OEMs in the circular economy. This is a huge step forward in sustainable recycling as plastics are one of the most problematic materials to recycle from electronics.

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