Requests for electronics recycling services and reporting are managed on-line through a secure portal. Clients can manage collection requests from multiple locations across the globe and track electronic recycling orders from pick up through recycling. A collection request is the beginning step in creating an electronic record of each load. Order progress can be tracked and final reporting (including Certificates of Destruction) are available via the portal. The client reports for electronics recycling we are able to produce will depend on how equipment is processed and segregated when received at our facility.

electronics recycling process

Electronics Recycling Reporting by Weight

If the unit of measure for client reports is by weight, pre-processing will include weighing shipments as they are received and manual removal of hazardous items (such as batteries). When required, equipment can be sorted by type or material to facilitate more detailed client reporting based on weight, material type and piece count.

barcode scanning of modems

Electronics Recycling Reporting by Item

Some clients need reporting by item and weight. In this case, in addition to weighing shipments, each item received will be scanned, audited and weighed according to client requirements. Data is destroyed on data bearing items prior to recycling.

QBR quarterly business reviewCertificates of Data Destruction

For data bearing equipment, we can provide a Certificate of Data Destruction which includes serial number and details on when and how data was destroyed.

Certificates of Recycling

Certificates of Recycling provide proof and details of when and where e-waste was recycled and confirmation of environmental compliance.

Pollution and Cyber Insurance

We maintain this insurance to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the interests of our clients and responsibly managing their product destruction.

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