Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling for Distributors and Producers

Electronics manufacturers (OEM) and distributors at times remove products from their supply chain for example is a result of warranty returns, surplus inventory, out-of-date models, defective merchandise, or product recalls. In the recycling process these products often need separation, product tracking and unpacking before the recovery of valuable material resources can be done.

SRS offers a complete electronics recycling portfolio which enables you to combine responsible recycling with a complete set of value added services.

If your products have a high risk for theft, our secure recycling services offer a wide range of secure services and solutions which might better fit your needs.

electronics recycling process

Products we recycle include:

  • Obsolete parts and products
  • End-of-life equipment
  • Recalled products
  • Production rejects
  • Counterfeit products
  • Production waste
  • Warranty returns
  • Proprietary prototypes
  • Post-consumer electronics

SRS Consistently Delivers:

  • Efficient management of the return supply chain
  • The highest yield on materials by using best available technologies
  • Completely certified and responsible recycling processes
  • Reliable service supported by a 50 year track record in the recycling industry
  • Certifications and guarantees that products are physically destroyed
  • Compliance with all legal regulations for e-waste

5 Tips for Evaluating Your Recycler

A quick tip sheet for vetting e-waste recyclers.

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Need a Global Solution?

SRS has recycling facilities globally, enabling us to support the largest electronic OEMs.

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Carbon Saving Report

Recycling as part of the circular economy recovers raw-materials from end-of-life products. A secondary and very important benefit of using recycled raw-materials is the significant saving in greenhouse gasses (CO2) emission versus the use of newly mined ore. Sims Recycling Solutions offers an easy to use carbon savings tool.

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*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.