Pre-Treated Materials

Increase the financial return from your waste streams using SLS advanced e-waste separation technology

The value of electronic waste is often lost within other waste streams. Certain e-waste types can contain some valuable materials.

E-waste recycling is our specialty and we are constantly investing in and improving our recovery processing lines.  This enables us to have a higher yield on materials which we recover. Benefit from our innovative processing and our economies of scale by delivering separated e-waste to us, and let us recover the resources.

SLS Delivers:

  • High material recovery rates
  • High added values
  • Quick and secure payment
  • Compliance with legal regulations for e-waste
  • Certifications of destruction (optional)
  • Environmentally responsible recycling services

Proven SLS Performance

  • More than 50 years recycling experience
  • Publicly listed company (SGM (ASX), SMSMY (OTC))
  • Global footprint
  • Innovative recycling techniques
  • One of the leading e-waste recycling companies in the world
  • Compliant with all legal regulations for e-waste

Circuit Board Recycling

SLS is equipped to recover precious metal from circuit boards, processors and computer memory.  Our size enables us to leverage relationships with the largest smelters globally and maximize value recovery for our clients.

SLS recovers value from these components:

  • Computer memory
  • Video and graphic cards
  • Circuit boards
  • Flash memory
  • CPUs

Mobile Device Recycling

Recognized for our innovative technology, sustainable operations, and certified plants, SLS offers environmentally responsible recycling of all scrap mobile equipment, which transforms waste into material suitable for use in next-generation electronics.

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Examples of Materials We Process

*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.