Secure Recycling

Recycling high value or data sensitive electronics?

Some discarded products have a high value and others still contain sensitive data, in both cases your brand as a producer or manufacturer might be in jeopardy. Recycling as part of your secured reverse supply chain should be done to high security standards in order to limit your risks.

The SLS secure recycling service portfolio is designed with your brand, data- and product protection in mind.  We offer a wide range of secured recycling services starting with a secure logistics service, to data destruction and ending with physical destruction and resource recovery.  Our secure recycling facilities have among others, entrance and exit controls, secured stocking locations, camera observation and witnessed destruction options, asset tracking and a complete set of reporting capabilities.

SLS Services

Our secure recycling service portfolio provides a trusted solution for recycling high value or data sensitive electronics. This trusted service provides brand protection, cost reduction, increased sustainability, legislation compliance and a peace of mind. SLS maintains strict control over our recycling sites and downstream vendors ensuring full accountability of how your electronics are recycled. The risk of theft and data-breach is reduced significantly with our services.

SLS offers a complete e-waste management solution with our responsible and secured recycling and reuse services.

electronic recycling

Our comprehensive range of secure services include:

  • Secured stock locations
  • Secured logistic options
  • Secured entrance and exit controls
  • Witnessed destruction options
  • Data destruction
  • Certificates of Data Destruction

SLS Consistently Delivers:

  • Secured management of your reverse supply chain
  • The highest yield on materials by using best available technologies (BAT)
  • Completely certified and responsible recycling processes
  • The experience of a company active in the recycling industry for more than 50 years
  • Certifications and guarantees that products are physically destroyed
  • 100% data destruction for all storage devices
  • Compliance with all legal regulations for e-waste

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Processing Under Customs Supervision

Bill of Discharge (BOD)

To avoid unnecessary import duties on obsolete inventory, SLS can destroy and recycle discontinued products for manufacturers under customs supervision. As part of this strict process, we document product receiving and destruction, under the supervision of authorities involved, thereby allowing for issuance of a Bill of Discharge.  The Bill of Discharge verifies that no import duties are due.

100% Data Destruction Guaranteed

SLS offers multiple data destruction services and has earned the trust of businesses throughout the world.

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Need a Global Solution?

SLS has recycling facilities globally, enabling us to support the largest international companies.

SLS Global Capabilties

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SLS offers a complete e-waste management solution with our responsible and secured recycling services.

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*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.