Tailored Solutions

Are you looking for a more comprehensive solution? Is there special regulation in your industry?

Our tailored solutions service portfolio solves it all! Your e-waste consultant will evaluate your specific business parameters and recommend a tailored recycling solution.

For some markets we standardize the business case and make it available as a specific tailored business recycling solution?

Three examples of tailored recycling solutions are described below:

Certified Recycling for Defense and Aerospace Contractors

SLS provides certified recycling for defense and aerospace contractors.  We recycle proprietary technology including field gear, radar systems, prototypes, military hardware and computer and telecommunication equipment. As an ITAR certified company with locations throughout the world, we are able to support the global supply chains typical in the aerospace industry. We operate secure, certified and monitored facilities to manage destruction of equipment.

Unique to the defense and aerospace industries is the use of significant amounts of precious metals to meet stringent quality specs. We have the expertise to identify and process these metals in otherwise mundane scrap, allowing SLS to share the additional revenue back with the client.

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Set Top Box Recycling

This service is suitable for cable, broadband and satellite providers. SLS pays providers for their obsolete cables boxes. We recycle obsolete the boxes, provide reporting to show no equipment ends up on the grey market.

How It Works

SLS picks up obsolete cables boxes and DVRs and ships them to a SLS processing facility. Here, the units are unpacked and sorted. Serial numbers from each device are recorded and hard drives are erased and resold. All other materials are responsibly recycled. This solution is field tested and compliant to all regulations involved and provides an economically interesting way of dealing with obsolete materials.

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Warranty Repairs for Garden Equipment

This solution was initially developed for a large supplier of lawn & garden equipment. SLS collects, refurbishes and resells used lawn equipment still under warranty for this supplier. Leveraging our expertise in reverse logistics, we are able to provide an efficient reverse logistics service and extend the useful life of the equipment. Parts are harvested from units beyond economical repair and the remaining material is responsibly recycled.

The reporting structure in this package offers our clients financial benefits by providing insight in the costs involved in the warranty process. Our client now has the possibility to manage these processes in an efficient manner.

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*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.