New York

Responsible Electronics Recycling in New York

Under New York state law, collection sites will accept, at no cost to the household consumers and business consumers that are for-profit entities which have 49 or fewer full time employees, not-for-profit corporations with 74 or fewer full time employees, or any not-for-profit corporations designated under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code:

Electronic Devices That Can Be Recycled

All of the collection sites will accept, at no cost to the consumers:

  • Computers & Small Scale Servers
  • Computer Peripherals (Monitors, Electronic Keyboards, Electronic Mice or Similar Pointing Devices, Fax Machines, Document Scanners, Printers)
  • Televisions (as well as cathode ray tubes)
  • Small Electronic Equipment (VCRs, DVR, Portable Digital Music Players, DVD Players, Digital Converter Boxes, Cable or Satellite Receivers, Electronic or Video Game Consoles)

Web Returns

Ship Your Electronics to Be Recycled

We offer free returns for electronics covered under state law.

Currently we offer free returns and recycling via a pre-paid UPS label for all devices covered under the state law.

Label and Shipping Instructions.