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Meeting the Challenge of Sensitive Data Destruction

The Client

SBL’s professional services team provides a comprehensive and innovative range of software, hardware, services and training across the United Kingdom. Clients include government departments holding sensitive and proprietary information, and private sector companies.

The Challenge

SBL faced a challenge. One of SBL’s clients, the Ministry of Defence (MOD), had archives of digital media that had been stored for years in an ad-hoc manner. An initial audit revealed archives of hard drives, tapes, media drives, floppy disks and CDs with data that needed to be destroyed. An exact piece count could not be determined so it was important that SBL worked with a company who could be flexible in scheduling resources at the 34 MOD locations.

Because of the nature and sensitivity of the data contained on the range of assets, SBL did not want to take the unnecessary risk of transporting data-bearing assets from their facilities. Instead, SBL decided that the large volumes of level 5 (Secret) and level 6 (Top Secret) media should be destroyed on-site.

The sites themselves posed a further challenge. Material was held at nine land and 25 maritime fleet sites, each of which had strict operational schedules that could not be altered.

The Service

SBL chose Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS) to provide secure on-site digital data destruction, and the “Fleet Project” was completed ahead of deadline.

SLS scheduled the use of our on-site shredder service to accommodate the various schedules of sites and fleet for SBL. In order to provide maximum value to SBL for the large quantities of material being processed, SLS offered a day rate for on-site shredder use, as opposed to a unit price. This allowed all assets to be audited and destroyed to the UK government’s data destruction standard HGM IA Level 5.

The Outcome

SLS’s shredder vehicle and security-cleared staff visited nine sites and serviced anything from one to six different types of fleet while on location. Over 5,500 units of media were securely destroyed and witnessed by SBL staff. Hard copies of reports were provided on the day, and Certificates of Destruction were provided via the online Sims Portal.

SBL was impressed by SLS’ ability to adhere to the tight schedule while being flexible enough to accommodate any last minute changes required to keep these critical sites operational. In survey carried out in the week following the Fleet Project’s completion:

Having worked with SLS for three years, SBL has built up a successful partnership. On this particular project the time constraints were limited but SLS was extremely helpful in ensuring the project was delivered on time to the our specifications. The project was managed professionally and efficiently with SLS updating us at every step of the project.

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