At SLS Facility

Bulk and Witnessed Data Destruction

SLS uses clearly defined processes, guided by industry and government standards to make certain all digital data is destroyed. Our audited processes provide peace of mind, accountability and assurance that your company’s privacy and corporate reputation remain intact.  Certificates of Data Destruction provided.

Bulk Hard Drive Shredding

Any data-bearing media that our clients do not want to reuse or resell is physically destroyed. Sims uses state-of-the-art, high-capacity hard drive shredders to destroy all data-bearing media. The entire hard drive, including platters is shredded into small pieces making it impossible to reconstruct the media or data.

Bulk Data Erasure

SLS uses commercial and proprietary software to erase hard drives. Erasure allows hard drives to securely be reused. Our processes are compliant with NIST 80-888 r1 and HMG IA Standard No. 5. Bulk erasure at our facilities is controlled via formalized standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure all hard drives are 100% overwritten, and that no hard drive is skipped in the process.

Witnessed Destruction

Some situations require that clients physically witness the destruction of the electronic media. Sims Lifecycle Services can accommodate this witnessed destruction of hard drives and storage media by hosting the client at our processing facility. Alternatively, witnessing can be facilitated by providing a webcam link to witness the destruction remotely. We also can provide video recording of client hard drives being destroyed. Our witnessed hard drive destruction is useful for our clients to verify their media is destroyed and, in some instances, their hardware is destroyed under our brand protection services.

Certificates of Data Destruction

Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided, regardless of the service provided – data erasure, hard drive shredding or witnessed destruction.

Data Destruction Services at SLS Location

SLS guarantees complete digital data destruction services and provides Certificates of Data Destruction and Certificates of Recycling as required.

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