On-Site Data Destruction

shredded hard drive

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Destroy digital data before it leaves your custody.

Because data breaches have become more common, companies are seeking to proactively manage digital data both in their live environment and on retired assets. On-site data destruction is being mandated more frequently today across large and small companies.

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We come to your location. At your convenience.

Our on-site services allow clients to witness and verify that data has been destroyed while devices are still in their custody. We inventory and destroy data on retired hard drives and storage media.

On-site services include:

  • Data destruction – via degaussing, crushing, erasure or shredding
  • Inventory validation – All serial numbers of the storage devices are scanned and recorded and can be validated against client inventory lists. This service provides important audit trails, final inventory reconciliation and facilitates inventory reporting and Certificates of Data Destruction.
  • Packing and shipping of destroyed media
  • Certified recycling of destroyed drives at SRS facility
  • Same day Certificates of Data Destruction available

Meets key industry guidelines

With SRS, you can trust that you are working with an industry leader who will protect your data and your company reputation.

  • Meet NIST 800-88 r1, HMG IA Standard No. 5 and DIN-66399
  • Cyber security insurance shields against data breach liability
  • NAID certified shredding equipment

At Your Location. At Your Convenience.

Because sometimes, sensitive data simply cannot leave your business

Lockable Storage Bins

SRS offers lockable storage bins to secure accumulated hard drives until destruction services are provided. These tamper-proof bins hold hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, mobile phones & other data bearing storage devices until collections are sufficient to warrant a SRS technician coming on-site.  These secure bins can also be used to transport storage devices to a SRS facility for final processing.

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Data Erasure

Drive erasure can also reduce risks and costs associated with returning leased equipment.

Erasing instead of destroying the hard drive enables clients to redeploy hard drives internally or resell erased hard drives. A great solution for destroying data and ensuring value recovery.

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Leased Equipment – No Surprise Lease Returns

Returning leased equipment with live data presents security risks during transport. Eliminate these risks and avoid charge backs from leasing companies for hard drive erasure on returned leased equipment.

SRS offers several solutions for erasing data from drives still in laptops, servers and SANs. We work with our clients to simplify the return of leased equipment and prevent unnecessary chargebacks. Our services include repair, cosmetic refurbishment, removal of company applied asset tags, data erasure and packing and shipping the leased equipment back to the leasing company.

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FOR: Loose magnetic hard drives, backup tapes

Data is destroyed through the use of powerful electromagnetic fields. The magnetic charge renders data unrecoverable.  Degaussing is quick and easy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective only for magnetic drives and tapes. Degaussing does not destroy data on solid state hard drives.

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Hard Drive Crushing

FOR: Magnetic hard drives, backup tapes, solid state drives

For high volume projects (500 drives and larger)

SRS owns and operates trucks equipped with high capacity hard drive shredders for large data destruction projects. This convenient service is popular with large clients and data centers. Up to 2500 hard drives per day can be shredded.

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Hard Drive Shredding

Any data-bearing media that our clients do not want to reuse or resell is physically destroyed. Sims uses state-of-the-art, high-capacity shredders to destroy all data-bearing media. The

entire hard drive, including platters is shredded into small pieces making it impossible to reconstruct the media or data.

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Certificates of Data Destruction

Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided, regardless of the service provided – data erasure, degaussing, hard drive shredding crushing.

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Our mobile destruction equipment can wipe or physically destroy hardware so all data is destroyed and irrecoverable.

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On-Site Hard Drive Destruction - A Smart Idea

A 30 minute conversation with A Data Destruction Advisor can help generate a cost effective proposal aligned to your specific data security requirements.

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