Vendor Selection

On-site Data Destruction Services

For those organizations with strict data security and regulatory compliance needs, locate a vendor that can provide on-site data destruction services. As soon as data bearing equipment leaves a company’s premises, any intact data residing on that equipment becomes vulnerable to exposure and can subject that company to a potential data breach incident.

degauss of hard drive at client location

Secure Chain of Custody

If on-site data destruction is not a possibility, secure transportation of data bearing assets is important. Choose a vendor that offers an unbroken chain of custody from pickup to transportation to destruction. Establish from the beginning who will have access to equipment and how it will be handled from the time it is picked up until it is processed.

Safeguard Your Sensitive Digital Data

We have extensive experience and unsurpassed capabilities with destruction of digital data and have earned the trust of corporations, government agencies, military and law enforcement authorities and small businesses. We can custom design a program that best meets your data security needs and reporting requirements.

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