Leading Data Center Decommissioning Capabilities

SRS is a key player in helping companies manage the technology shift in data centers today.  Our track record of success includes working with the major cloud companies on massive infrastructure decommissioning projects. In addition, we provide bulk data destruction services, work with businesses who are retiring smaller data centers and provide complete resell and recycling services for retired data center equipment.

Data Center Trends

Migration to the cloud is driving decommissioning of smaller data centers as hyperscale data centers become more common. Concurrent with this changing footprint is a shift in the types of IT assets in place. Custom servers and processors are being rapidly adopted by hyperscale data center companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Types of Data Center Decommissioning Projects


  1. Staged upgrades of equipment
  2. Decommissioning/shut down of stand alone data center
  3. Cage clean-outs at co-located sites
  4. Bulk hard drive destruction projects
  5. Data center relocation
  6. Micro-modular data center (MMDC) decommissioning
IT equipment

By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center, vs. 10% today.

Gartner, “The Data Center is Dead, and Digital Infrastructures Emerge”, April 13, 2018

SRS Data Center Services

No Hassle Decommissioning Services

SRS enables IT asset managers and data center managers to focus on your live production environment while we provide systematic decommissioning and removal of IT assets and equipment.

We routinely decommission servers and racks, SANs, network gear, cabling, telecom equipment and end-user equipment. Support services include cable removal/mining, lease returns, data destruction, inventory reporting, packing and shipping and asset resell and recycling.

Equipment We Process

Data Destruction Services

We ensure no disruption to the live environment and that our work is performed in a systematic, secure and safe manner. We offer several solutions for destroying data on any data bearing assets. Reporting will typically include inventory reports and certificates of data destruction.

Data is secured, your IT investment is protected and all equipment is responsibly managed.

On-Site Data Destruction Services

SRS technicians at data centerDecommissioning Checklist Template

A successful decommissioning project requires effective planning, coordinated efforts and when applicable, assurances that the live environment will not be disrupted.  The steps outlined below provide a quick checklist of things to consider to manage the decommissioning project and ensure all off-site activities are properly managed.

SRS minimizes disruption through defined processes and good project management. Our defined processes ensure data is destroyed consistent with client requirements, that inventory is accurately audited and tracked and a plan is in place to eliminate unnecessary storage costs and to reduce logistics and shipping costs.

Questions to Ask Potential Decommissioning Vendors

When considering a vendor to assist with the removal of retired assets, these questions may be useful in helping you select the right vendor:

RFI / RFP Template

Data center managers may find our “RFP Template for IT Asset Disposition” helpful. It provides more sample vendor questions for compliant data destruction, reuse and recycling of IT assets.

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Data Center Services

Decommissioning and data destruction services provided at our client locations tend to be project based and requires close coordination and planning.  Talk to one of our business solution advisors to discuss how SRS can support your team.

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