Upgrading IT equipment, whether for a data center, an end-user or to support your overall IT infrastructure is disrupting, under the best of circumstances.  Getting new equipment set up while systematically removing retired equipment needs to be done with minimal disruption to your live production environment.


We support the decommissioning of IT equipment during refreshes, moves and changes at our clients’ locations. Our work is performed in a systematic, secure and safe manner. We can accommodate after hours work when needed.  The diagram below shows the overall process, including work done at client location and secure transport to a SRS facility where assets are resold or recycled.  Each of these steps are described in detail below the diagram.

SRS enables IT asset managers and data center managers to focus on your live production environment while we provide systematic decommissioning and removal of IT assets and equipment.

We routinely decommission servers and racks, SANs, network gear, cabling, telecom equipment and end-user equipment. Support services include cable removal/mining, lease returns, data destruction, inventory reporting, packing and shipping and asset resell and recycling.

We ensure no disruption to the live environment and that our work is performed in a systematic, secure and safe manner. We offer several solutions for destroying data on any data bearing assets. Reporting will typically include inventory reports and certificates of data destruction.

Data is secured, your IT investment is protected and all equipment is responsibly managed.

On-site Data Destruction Services

Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning and data destruction services provided at our client locations tend to be project based and requires close coordination and planning.  Talk to one of our business solution advisors to discuss how SRS can support your team.

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