Data Center Decommissioning

Corporate Data Center Decommissioning

As information technology became integral to business operations, companies built owned and operated data centers to manage and control their data. For years, SRS has helped these companies manage the systematic decommissioning and removal of data center equipment.

Today we frequently work in live environments, retiring select servers and racks and destroying hard drives and tapes. We also help manage the permanent shut down of company-owned data centers.

IT equipment

By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center, vs. 10% today.

Gartner, “The Data Center is Dead, and Digital Infrastructures Emerge”, April 13, 2018

Data Center Services

Staged Decommissioning of Older Equipment

SRS enables IT asset managers and data center managers to focus on the live production environment while we provide systematic decommissioning and removal of retired IT assets and equipment.

We routinely decommission servers and racks, SANs, network gear, cabling, telecom equipment and end-user equipment. Our support services include cable removal/mining, lease returns, data destruction, inventory reporting, packing and shipping and asset resale and recycling.

We ensure no disruption to the live environment and guarantee our work is performed in a systematic, secure and safe manner.

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Data Center Shutdown

When businesses shift their IT infrastructure to the cloud, on-premise data centers are shuttered permanently. SRS can return these spaces to a clean sweep empty space. This work is typically done on a project basis with a defined project plan and timeline. We provide the following services:

  • Remove all racked equipment and cabinets
  • Remove cabling, if required
  • Final physical inventory count of equipment, documenting any discrepancies in client provided equipment list
  • Destroy data, either on-site or at SRS processing facility
  • Stage, pack and ship equipment as designated:
    • Move equipment to a SRS facility where assets are prepared for resale or recycling
    • Redeploy IT assets and server racks to another company-owned property
    • Return end-of-lease equipment to lessor

Decommissioning Checklist

Data Destruction Services

We offer several solutions for destroying data on data bearing assets. Reporting will typically include inventory reports and certificates of data destruction. Clients utilizing these services can be confident their data is secured, their IT investment is protected, and all equipment is responsibly managed.

Data Destruction Methods

  • Bulk hard drive shredding
  • Data erasure if drives will be reused
  • Degaussing of tapes and magnetic hard drives

Data Destruction Services

Strategic Reuse and Recycling of Data Center Equipment

Asset Disposition

Assets with useful life remaining can be refurbished and prepared for reuse.  Typical repurposing of equipment includes:

  • Redeploying equipment to be used in a less demanding environment
  • Reselling equipment – Our remarketing teams have developed targeted resale channels where data center equipment is in high demand. Coupled with our pricing analytics tool, we are able to sell your equipment in the right market, at the right time at the right price.

Parts Harvesting

Equipment that is broken beyond repair or is too old for complete reuse still contains valuable components that can be sold or used to refurbish other devices. Common parts harvested include processors and memory. If you need a stocking inventory of spare parts for servers still in service, SRS can provide an inventory of harvested components.

Asset Reuse

Electronics Recycling

Broken or obsolete equipment can be responsibly recycled. Recycling unusable equipment extracts raw materials from e-waste that can be used to manufacture new products.

Responsible Recycling

Decommissioning Checklist

Do you have an upcoming decommissioning project? Download our “Checklist for Selecting a Decommissioning Vendor” document for ideas on how to evaluate potential service providers.

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RFI / RFP Template

Many data center managers have found our “RFP Template for IT Asset Disposition” helpful when searching for a data center decommissioning vendor. This template offers various sample vendor questions to help find a service with compliant data destruction, reuse and recycling of IT assets.

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Data Center Services

Decommissioning and data destruction services provided at our client locations tend to be project based and require close coordination and planning. Talk to one of our business solution advisors to discuss how SRS can support your team.

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