IT Asset Recovery

We work closely with our clients to determine the right asset recovery strategy that is most closely aligned to your business objectives.  How we recover value from your equipment is part of most conversations.

IT Asset Recovery Options

  • Refurbish and resell through wholesale and retail channels
  • Refurbish and redeploy within your business
  • Dismantle and recovery parts and components for reuse
  • Equipment that no longer has useful life is responsibly recycled


Our refurbishment and repair services address cosmetic defects, broken or missing components and testing the unit for functionality prior to redeployment. Memory or hard drive upgrades can provide cost effective performance boosts and help further extend the asset lifecycle.


Money spent on IT equipment continues to increase for most companies. Redeployment of used assets within your company can decrease the total cost of ownership by extending the overall asset lifecycle. Redeployment programs demonstrate fiscal and environmental responsibility.

SLS redeploys equipment within the same company location or can facilitate delivery of equipment to different company locations or to remote employees.

Resell IT Assets

Remarketing used equipment maximizes return on investment (ROI) and minimizes environmental impact. When assessing the resale potential of an IT asset, we consider the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition of the asset.

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Smart Pricing Analytics

Our proprietary pricing tool monitors key online marketplaces, to track sale value of completed transactions. We leverage this information for benchmarking and to forecast price variations and trends. Using data to model pricing in a fast-changing marketplace enables us to optimize our selling price in secondary markets.

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MAR (Microsoft Authorized Reseller)

SLS is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR). Our MAR status certifies we install a genuine Windows operating system on all of our laptops and PCs. Having an up-to-date operating system on laptops and PCs increases the selling price of assets.

Profitable Resale Channels

Clients benefit from our global market presence and our flexibility in selling their assets through multiple wholesale and retail channels. Once assets are prepared for resale, they can be instantly listed in the marketplace.

Retail Marketplace

We list products for resale on popular retail e-commerce websites, leveraging our pricing analytics tool to optimize financial return for our clients.

Wholesale and Bulk Sales Channels

We sell equipment to brokers through time-bound auctions, optimizing our listings to generate the best bids.

See How Assets are Processed

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of how we process IT assets at a SLS facility.

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Mobile Device Repair, Refurbishment and Redeployment

SLS provides companies with mobile device repair, refurbishment and redeployment.

A trusted partner delivering comprehensive solutions:

  • Device repair, refurbishment, and redeployment
  • Device remarketing, including kitting
  • Software flashing and upgrades
  • Advanced screen repair
  • Parts harvesting and recovery
  • Device recycling

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