Checklist for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

data center decommissioning

A Quick Checklist for Your IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Program

If it’s time for your organization to retire IT assets and other electronic equipment, it’s important that assets are properly managed. Selecting the right vendor starts with asking the right questions.

Final IT asset disposition raises many questions among IT directors and compliance officers, including:

  • Does my IT asset disposition vendor securely handle my IT assets to ensure privacy and regulatory compliance?
  • Are asset handling processes secure and clearly defined by my vendor to ensure data security?
  • Can they meet my corporate data security requirements?
  • Is environmental responsibility a driving force with my vendor? Does the use of subcontractors compromise my vendor’s accountability?
  • Can my ITAD vendor support my national operations? My global operations? Does their footprint align with mine?
  • When reselling my assets, how does my vendor ensure they are getting top dollar?
  • How do they responsibly recycle obsolete and broken equipment? Is this service subcontracted out?
  • When assets leave my facility, am I confident that the company managing my assets will protect my data and my corporate reputation and brand?
  • Are vendor’s operations transparent and verifiable? Do they allow client audits? Facility inspections?
  • What types of data storage media can they destroy? How?
  • Am I confident that hazardous waste is managed in an environmentally compliant manner?
  • Are services and logistics convenient?
  • What on-site services do they offer? Data destruction? Decommissioning? Inventory reconciliation? Packing services?
  • What reports can my ITAD vendor provide for corporate and regulatory requirements? For inventory reconciliation? How do they ensure accuracy of reports? Is it easy to access the information?

Need Help in Creating a RFP?

SLS has developed a handy guide to help you in developing an effective RFP. Includes sample questions for developing compliant program for managing retired IT assets and obsolete equipment.

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