The Sims Portal

SLS provides easy online access to our clients for requesting pickups, tracking equipment and generating inventory reports and certificates of destruction. Clients, via the Sims Portal, can easily and securely access information about their equipment at any time.


The Sims Portal supports:

  • Pickup Request – Input orders and requests for services anywhere around the globe
  • Asset Tracking – See real-time status updates of all requests and works in progress. Access all documentation related to work orders.
  • Asset Resell through e-Commerce – View settlement reports, remarketing reports and financial reports
  • Asset Reports – View asset reports, completion reports, sustainability reports, financial reports for invoicing, billing and settlement
  • Certificates of Data Destruction

A roles based access control system enables authorized users to securely log in from anywhere.

Report by Item - Asset Reporting

Clients want item by item reporting for data bearing assets and assets that are resold or redeployed. IT asset reporting will typically include make, model, serial number and how and when the asset was reused. SLS supports multiple currencies and additional data capture for clients with unique requirements.

electronics recycling

Electronic Recycling - Weight Reports

If the unit of measure for client reports is by weight, pre-processing will include weighing shipments as they are received and manual removal of hazardous items (such as batteries). When required, equipment can be sorted by type or material to facilitate more detailed client reporting based on weight, material type and piece count.