The Sims Portal

SLS provides easy online access to our clients for requesting pickups, tracking assets and generating asset reports and certificates of destruction. Clients, via the Sims Portal, can easily and securely access their asset information at any time.

The Sims Portal, facilitates:

  1. Pickup Request – Input orders and requests for services anywhere around the globe
  2. Asset Tracking – See real-time status updates of all requests and works in progress. Access all documentation related to work orders.
  3. Asset Resell through e-Commerce – View settlement reports, remarketing reports and financial reports
  4. Asset Reports – View asset reports, completion reports, sustainability reports, financial reports for invoicing, billing and settlement
  5. Certificates of Data Destruction

A roles based access control system enables authorized users to securely log in from anywhere.

Retail Channels for Asset Resale

SLS offers a range of ecommerce portals as a diverse set of “routes to market”, essential for maximizing returns. Our multi-country, multi-currency systems are connected to internal systems and pricing tools, so that assets that are ready for sale can be instantly deployed to the marketplace. Remarketing teams have quick tools for determining optimal prices that balance between attractiveness to buyers and financial returns.

Wholesale and Bulk Sales Channels

We offer auction portals for bulk buyers, with the ability to conduct transparent, time-bound auctions for bulk assets, with criteria for determining the best bids. Our clients often have visibility into the entire process, for monitoring and supervision of the process.

Electronic OEM Product Takeback Programs

SLS offers a portal to support mail back programs as required by regional legislation. This portal offers a convenient solution to help OEMs meet extended producer responsibility requirements by providing a convenient way for consumers to recycle obsolete electronics.

Portal offers:

  • Manufacturer branded websites
  • Website pages created and hosted by Sims
  • Support for mail back program
  • Convenient generation of prepaid mailing label
  • Compliance reporting for OEM

MIDAS (Materials of Interest Downstream Audit System)

SLS fully audits all subcontractors and downstream vendors. We developed a customized process for auditing downstream subcontractors, MIDAS.  The process is supported by customized commercial software which automates the auditing of subcontractors and downstream vendors.  The Sims Portal facilitates communication and integration with our downstream vendors and subcontractors to ensure we are providing a fully vetted solution for our clients.